spiritual direction for

colorful souls

Stained Glass Soul helps colorful characters see the Sacred through the beautiful, broken, and colorful aspects of their lives.

because It's not always safe

to share your story

You've got certain aspects of your life you can’t talk about at work, or church, or with your family. Yet, you can’t hold it all in. And, life with God isn’t something you can figure out on your own.You need someone you can share your story with, someone to help you process what God is up to in your life, someone to help guide you forward in your spiritual journey.

a safe space for

your unique soul

Whether it’s awesome, unusual, off-beat, or even embarrassing, this is a safe space to share the parts of your story you can’t talk about in other settings.

The Aspects of your soul

Beautiful Broken & Colorful

Beautiful, because your soul is unique and your story is one-of-a-kind. Your gifts and your life manifest glory in a way no one else can.Broken, because heartbreak is also a part of your story. But you don’t have to hide those broken pieces here. Your scars reveal something sacred.Colorful characters are accepted and colorful language is expected. Because there's no bullshit here. Just candid conversations about what it's like to walk with God through the messiness of real life.

Personal spiritual guidance

spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is simply 1-on-1 personal guidance to help you on your spiritual journey.Here in Colorado, we have guides for all sorts of outdoor activities. And I’m like a guide for your inner life; the land of heart and soul.I help people see the Sacred through the beautiful, broken, and colorful aspects of their lives.

Mystical, Practical & Mischievous

Patrick Meyers

I know firsthand what it’s like to experience suffering, trauma, and heartache. I also know the power of God to transform a life.That’s why I hate fake pompous religiosity—I’ve found something better. I’ve experienced God's presence, power, and playfulness amidst the messiness of real life.I became a Spiritual Director so I could help others experience better things in their own journeys with God. And now I love to help people see the Sacred through the beautiful, broken, and colorful aspects of their lives.

client testimonials

what people say

“Working with Patrick has had a profound impact on my life: spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. In one case, a single meeting delivered and healed me from a burden that I had been carrying for over 45 years. I cannot recommend him enough!”

“Meeting with Patrick helped me through the most difficult time in my life. The focus on inner healing and listening to God has brought about the change my soul and relationships needed.”

“I started seeing Patrick when I lost faith in God and wasn't sure what I believed anymore. He was incredibly patient as I processed my hurt, anger, and feeling betrayed by God. Meeting with him did a tremendous amount to get me out of that dark place.”

spiritual direction

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Experience 1-on-1 personal spiritual guidance from an experienced provider trained in Spiritual Direction, Life Coaching, Chaplaincy, Inner Healing, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Counseling, and 12-Step Recovery.

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If you’ve made it this far, there must be something about Stained Glass Soul that interests you.So why don't you schedule a Discovery Call? It's a great chance for us to meet, talk, and discover if we're a good fit to work together. And it's free. So, there’s no commitment or risk.But there's a risk when you don't take a chance. After all, when nothing changes… well then, nothing changes.You don't have to do this alone. And I’d love to help you experience something better in your spiritual life.

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